Cecilia Westbrook has a MD/PhD at the University of Wisconsin. Her and her friends have often made jokes about the dietary benefits of eating vaginal secretions, and considered the idea of making a yogurt. However Cecilia was surprised when she researched and found that no such product already existed. 

With no past example to follow by, Cecilia decided to try it herself. 

Her reasoning behind this whole experiment was that the vagina holds hundreds of different types of bacteria and organisms, these organisms produce lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide and other substances that keep the vagina healthy. The dominant bacteria is called lactobacillus which is sometimes used to culture milk, cheese and yogurt. Creating Probiotics – the good type of bacteria, which when ingested is believed to help keep your intestines healthy. 

Cecilia knew enough about the vagina to realise that eating one batch of her own… produce, would be good for her.

Her collection method was done with a wooden spoon. She set up a positive control (made with actual yogurt as the starter culture) and a negative control (plain milk with nothing added), and combined her own home-made ingredient to the third batch of yogurt. Left overnight and the magic of biology created a respectably-sized bowl.

She said that her first batch of yogurt tasted “sour, tangy, and almost tingly on the tongue”. She compared it to Indian yogurt, and ate it with some blueberries. 

Turns out though, this is not a good idea. 


According to Larry Forney, a microbiologist at the university of Idaho, “When you take vaginal secretions, you’re not just taking the lactobacilli. You’re taking everything.” And it’s possible that, from day to day, or woman to woman, “what you’re using in your yogurt is no longer dominated by lactobacilli but other bacteria, some of which could be pathogenic,” he explained.

Sometimes this imbalance can cause yeast infections and other unpleasant experiences. Basically you wouldn’t want those organisms ending up in your breakfast. Even a healthy vagina hosts organisms that could be bad news if cultured, too.

“It’s a bad idea in general,” Forney said.

Well… we can’t say we would have tried it out anyway. 

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