Ever really wanted to flip someone the bird over the internet? 

Well, it soon could become reality after a bunch of developers discovered the emoji artwork already made and sitting there ready in the WhatsApp back end. 

Problem is, it seems WhatsApp have currently disabled its use as well as the vulcan salute. 


Discovered by twitter user Stephen Wilkinson, he has continued working to try to find a hack to use it in general conversation and has started making some progress. 


How do you get the emoji you ask? 

First you need to download WhatsApp onto your desktop here. 

Then rename the file with ‘.zip’ at the end to compress it. 

From there when you open the file it will give you a range of folders to explore. 


Flick through the folders from ‘Res’ > ‘drawable-hpdi-v4′ and BOOM All of the emojis you could imagine are at your fingertips! 

File ‘st1f595′’ is the middle finger emoji in all its glory, while file  ‘st1f596′’ is the vulcan salute. 

Now… to discover a way to use it in general conversation. 

Fingers crossed it happens soon! 

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