CAN Will & Woody score a free banquet at a first class restaurant?

In case you missed it, the boys have been having some fun around the arrival of Harry & Meghan in Australia.

A little too much fun perhaps. In fact, they’ve created two new characters – Rupert & Charlie – two British men from the company Exclusive Experience, who’ve been hired by the Royals as offical “Experience Testers”. These two utterly charming gentlemen have been gallivanting about town, seeing how much free stuff they can get. 

The first task was to score a Ferrari joy ride at a luxury car dealership. This was a roaring success (watch here). The next challenge was laid about by a girl who wrote in on Instagram.

The Challenge: Taste the entire menu… at a first class restaurant… for free.

It’s a mighty challenge, there’s no doubt. But thing about the boys is, they live for the challenge. They even set themselves challenges while they’re sleeping. Dream challenges, they call them. It’s radical stuff. But it’s in their DNA.

WATCH the video and see how they fared at the fancy restaurant!


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