A lesbian couple have enlisted the help of one of their closest friends to start a family and it worked in just 14 months.

The best part? They didn’t even use professional IVF treatment.

Brisbane couple Jade Richard, 36 and Ann Gard, 32, are expecting their first child after their friend Jarrad Evans, 36, donated sperm by depositing it into a syringe made to impregnate horses because the couple thought IVF would be expensive.

The women wanted to start a family when they met, so when Jarrad offered, they instantly accepted.

When speaking to the Daily Mail, the couple and their donor, who is also gay, decided to see if they could get pregnant without the help of professionals.

‘We figured we were both healthy so we may as well try without everyone’s help,’ Jade said. Jarrad made monthly visits to the ladies’ home where he produced his sample, filling a syringe for the women to use.

The couple then went straight to the bedroom where they hoped their ‘DIY attempt’ of insemination would end in pregnancy. 


At the start, it was all trial and error, with the three adults putting their heads together and they admit ‘’We went into it blindly because we didn’t know anyone else who had done it,’ she said. 

‘Turkey baster’s don’t work. 

‘Ann and I bought one at first but then Jarrad told us they don’t actually hold liquid so we used something you inseminate horses with – it is a syringe with a long tube attached to it. ‘Jarrad was really good every time we said ‘OK it is time come over’, he would be there.’

‘We found groups on Facebook with other people trying different methods but they were all pretty similar to what we were doing.’

The different ‘methods’ all worked around different types of syringes, some with tubes some without, and angles to ‘apply’ the ‘specimen’. 

The couple had looked into IVF before they decided to try to get pregnant without professional help, but found waiting times and potential costs detouring.


‘When you bring your own sperm donor you have to wait six months for the sample to be cleaned before you can use it,’ Jade said.

‘I wanted to have a baby as soon as possible – so didn’t want to wait for that to happen.

In 14 months the couple and Jarrad attempted the ‘DIY fertility treatment’ 14 times – but Jade only took one pregnancy test. 

‘At the beginning I told myself I wouldn’t check every month because I wanted to avoid disappointment. 

‘The last time I just had a feeling it had worked – and then my period was two days late. ‘It was New Year’s Eve when I found out.

‘Ann and I sat on the bathroom floor waiting for the test results – as soon as two lines showed up we messaged Jarrad and mum,


‘I don’t think Jarrad, who was on holiday, believed us at first – and he said he was not going to get excited until the 12-week mark. But he was.’

What an amazing story! The three of them have decided that Jarrad will be called Dad but the baby will live with Jade and Ann.

H/T Daily Mail

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