Meet Yani Williams, one of few people in the world who can scratch her own damn back, thank you very much.

The retired beauty salon owner has been growing her fingernails for more than 20 years – we have no idea why – and they’re now sitting pretty at an impressive 66 cms long. 

In an interview with KHOU, the American answered the question that, let’s face it, every single person probably wants to ask her.

“The million dollar question that we get is how do we wipe our butts,” she said. 

“Usually I just tell them like if you go to the restroom in public you don’t sit on the toilets.

“That’s the way I do at home, because my nails are so long.”


We still have so many questions. Does that mean she hovers over the seat? That still doesn’t really clear up the wiping issue.

Unbelievably, Yani doesn’t even have the longest fingernails in the world; that record is held by fellow American Christine Walton whose talons are THREE METRES LONG. 

Seriously, check ’em out.

Image via Guinness World Records


Yani, though, isn’t looking for the glory of a world record; all she wants is to make her grandchildren happy.

“So they can have something to look back on and say, ‘this is my Gammy’,” she explained.

What a grandma.

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