Kyle and Jackie have been talking quite a bit about their upcoming interview with 60 minutes to celebrate spending 20 years on air together, including a long-winded discussion about it during last calls on air this morning.

We already knew that Karl Stefanovic, a good friend of the show and the guys personally, was doing the interview. But what we didn’t know until this morning was that during the interviews Karl managed to make both Jackie AND Kyle cry!

And it seems that it was all due to a sneaky trick on Karl’s part…

Now of course, Jackie’s tears come quite easily as we’ve found many times during the Kyle and Jackie O show. After all, she did cry during the Lion King trailer… But Kyle on the other hand, he’s a tough shell to crack! We all know he’s a big softie on the inside, but he usually has a pretty tough exterior on display.


So with BOTH of them bringing on the water works in this interview, we have to imagine it’s going to be a pretty emotional!

Speaking on air this morning, Kyle and Jackie were telling each other about their separate interviews with Karl when they admitted that they both got pretty emotional.

Kyle explained that during his sit down interview, he got emotional when asked about his childhood.

“That was about like my childhood and stuff like that where I knew he was just trying to make me cry,” Kyle admitted.

“Yeah he did that to me too,” Jackie replied.

“What was he asking you to try and make you cry?” Kyle wondered.


It’s not that hard really. Everyone who knows Jackie knows that she tears up when talking about one topic in particular – her daughter Kitty.

“About being a mum and how wonderful Kitty is,” Jackie sighed. “I knew the one thing that would make me cry is if he brought up Kitty, and I just thought, ‘Prepare yourself, because the minute her name is mentioned you’re going to get teary’.”

But even though Jackie is known to cry at any mention of her daughter, she said that she reckons Karl actually has a sneaky trick to get his interviewees to shed a tear and that he pulled it on her.

“When he asked me he said ‘God you’ve got such a beautiful child’, and it looked like Karl was crying,” Jackie explained further. “Like his eyes were welling up! And when you see someone else eyes well up with tears and they’re talking about something really deeply personal to you, that was it! All I had to do was looking into his weeping eyes and I started crying!”

“And then after I thought, ‘Oh I think he did that deliberately actually’. That might be his trick, which is a great trick that I think I might adapt myself in interviews sometimes.”

Kyle then realised that the same thing had happened to him!


“He tried to do that to me too when I was isolated at my house in Los Angeles!” Kyle said. “He goes, ‘Must’ve been tough finding yourself homeless at 16’ and his eyes were welled up and I thought, ‘this bastard can cry on demand!’”

“No! That’s the trick he does,” Jackie exclaimed. “Oh my god I feel so foolish now.”

OMG! We’re onto you Karl! We’ve figured out your sneaky interview trick!

The producers on the other hand must’ve been thinking, ‘This is GOLD! Put that straight on the ad!’ when they got tears from BOTH of the guys!

Despite the tears, Jackie admitted that she wasn’t nervous and felt comfortable during the interview because it was just like talking to an old friend.

“I wasn’t nervous because it’s with Karl and I trust him and I know that he’s still going to ask difficult questions but I don’t ever think he’s going to stitch us up,” Jackie said.


As for the rest of the interview, it was true Kyle and Jackie O with Kyle being his normal cheeky and inappropriate self.

Jackie also couldn’t believe how much effort actually went into filming just one episode of 60 Minutes and explained all the different sections that go into creating just their interview.

Hear all about how the filming went down behind the scenes in the podcast below!

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