Are these nips male or female?

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly why the @Genderless_Nipples Instagram account is so genius.  

Instagram’s policy is pretty clear on nudity for the most part: no bottoms and no genitalia.

It’s a different story for nipples.

For women, their nipples are always, even in a non-sexual sense, considered ‘nudity’ and the picture is removed.

For blokes, it doesn’t apply, their nipples are always OK.


The thing is, when you look at a person’s nipple close-up, it’s unclear which gender it belongs to – which is Genderless Nipples’ schtick.

Within a few days of the account going live, Instagram removed a picture of nipples thinking they were lady parts when in fact they belonged to a guy, Paper Magazine reported.

Account holders responded by posting the notification they received with a caption pointing out the double-standard: “Instagram, you can’t even tell the difference between male and female nipples; who could!? So why even bother banning female nipples if they can be so similar?”

It’s amazing that, close-up, we pretty much all look the same.


via Paper Magazine

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