By Ruby McIntosh

The passengers on board this American Airlines flight had a not-so-ordinary journey back from Houston on Saturday…

During the early morning flight to Los Angeles actor, Michael Rapaport, helped to avoid an in-flight disaster, adopting the new nickname, “Air Marshal Mike.”

It all went down after the opening night of the second season of the BIG3 League.

Fox Sports Director, Ted Kenney – who was present on the flight, tweeted about the incident saying he heard a commotion 11 rows ahead, only to see Rapaport spring out of his seat and hurry toward a man yelling, “What the f*** are you doing?!”


The unidentified man had his hand attached to the handle of the emergency exit door and was attempting to open it.

Kenney and some BIG3 players shot up to help.

“I get to the bulkhead and Michael has this guy by the collar and manhandling him away from the emergency exit door,” Ted Kenney posted on Twitter. 

Rapaport was flooded with compliments after his heroic reflexes.


“Glad to be around multiple people who would get involved so quickly. Especially Michael,” Kenney said.

All we can say is the signage on the door must have been a bit concerning, considering the man thought he was opening the door handle to the bathroom.

Thankfully, everyone on the aircraft landed intact and with an added asset – a good story to tell.



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