If you love action-packed thrillers like the Bourne Identity, then you’re going to love Chris Hemsworth’s new film ‘Extraction’. But in many ways, it’s unlike any other action flick we’ve ever seen before… And not just because it’s star actor is one of the hottest guys on the planet.

While cinemas might be closed and a lot of new releases put on hold, this new movie is out NOW to keep us entertained in iso and can be streamed through Netflix.

The plot follows Chris’ character Tyler Rake, a black-market mercenary and former Australian Special Air Service Regiment, who is recruited to help rescue the son of India’s biggest drug lord as he’s held for ransom in Bangladesh.

The journey to save the son, Ovi Mahajan Jr. becomes a race to survive with plenty of action-packed fight scenes throughout.

Chris Hemsworth joined Kyle and Jackie O this morning to chat about the new film directed by Sam Hargrave, telling us that it’s an action film unlike any other as it makes you feel as though you’re part of the scene yourself and creates an action plot mixed with heart and soul.


“It looks so unreal,” Kyle told Chris this morning, saying he couldn’t wait to go home and watch it.

“Thanks mate! This was the appeal you know when the script first came my way, I loved the script and I knew it was going to be heavily ensued with action and so on,” Chris told us.

“There was a heartbeat at the centre of it, the pitch was an arthouse action film if you could combine the two. When I spoke to Sam Hargrave, the director, I’d worked with him on a number of the Avengers films and knew how his skill set was above and beyond anyone elses when it came to shooting action.”

While Chris knew that the film itself would be a hit, he was warned by Hargrave that it would be the hardest thing that he’s ever had to film due to all of the action scenes.

And well, if you’re warning Chris Hemsworth of that, one of the fittest people ever, then you can imagine that it must have been insanely difficult to film!

“He warned me very early on that look, this is going to be the most work that you’ve ever done,” Chris continued. “I kind of shrugged my shoulders and thought, ‘Oh yeah I’ve heard it all before. I’ve done plenty of action’. And it was the most intense experience.


“We shot in India and Thailand, it was 40 degrees most days, we were covered in military outfits, and then the way Sam wanted to shoot was have these long continuous takes.”

Kyle couldn’t stop gushing about the film, telling Chris that just by the trailer her could tell that this film looks unreal and like you’re part of each scene yourself.

“It’s a real different way of watching and feeling a movie. You feel it more this way. This guy’s a genius,” Kyle said.

Chris explained the Hargrave has a history in being a stunt man, which gave him an extra edge when it came to directing and filming.

“He is strapped to the front of a car, he’s diving across buildings you holding the camera, you know the way he shot the film you can’t get via two or three normal set ups or the camera,” Chris explained. “You have to be in the middle of it copping hits and receiving the energy of the scene as well.”

“It’s something very different in the action space and we’re pretty proud of it,” he added.


Something else that was rather different for Chris in this film in particular was the fact that his character actually has an Aussie accent, which he said doesn’t happen all too often in action movies.

“It was great, it was so refreshing to not have to be using up so much of your attention on an accent and in prep,” he told us.

“We haven’t seen many action heroes from Australia sort of SAS operatives, military types and so again that felt like a fresh take on it.”

Well Kyle’s already calling it, saying that it’s going to be one of his fav movies of all time. So why not give it a watch for yourself? After all we’re all looking for new ways to keep entertained in isolation.


You can stream ‘Extraction’ on Netflix right now!

Listen to our full chat with Chris Hemsworth in the podcast below!