When 26-year-old Tiana decided to join House Rules with her dad, she knew she could be up for some scrutiny.

“I knew going in to this experience that people would either love or hate me,” Falzon said. “But I never expected this level of venomous backlash. It has been pretty tough,” she told the Daily Telegraph.

Since the show aired, Tiana has suffered nasty comments about her appearance, her personality and even the sound of her voice.

The worst? People have begun to talk about Tiana’s mother, who passed away when Tiana was just seven years old.
“That’s especially hurtful. No one has any right to talk about my mum. How dare they? Saying she’d be disappointed in me if she was alive, that she’d be ashamed of my behaviour.

“People sit behind the comfort of a computer screen and attack someone they don’t know.”

While Tiana hasn’t attempted to seek out any social media insults, she said concerned family and friends have made sure she’s aware.


“They send it to me so I can respond, but it’s just not worth biting back. That’s probably the hardest part — not being able to defend myself.”

In a high pressure reality show, Tiana knows that it’s hard to always come across in a flattering way, and points out that that’s the nature of television.

“You don’t see everything that happened. There’s a full day edited into an hour of TV. You get snippets of it. Sometimes I see myself and think ‘wow, I wouldn’t be friends with her!’ but that’s not the full story.

“Yes, I fight with my dad sometimes. And yes, in the heat of the moment when we disagree I might look like a spoiled brat.”

“Everyone can have an opinion about that and how I act. But just say ‘I don’t like how Tiana speaks to her dad’ instead of ‘I hate how that fat, ugly b*tch speaks to her dad’ — there’s a big difference.”

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Source: Daily Telegraph

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