The harrowing tale of an American woman’s kidnapping and seven year-long torture is back in the spotlight thanks to a new TV series.

Colleen Stan was picked up by a couple while hitchhiking in 1977; she thought, as they were travelling with a baby, that she could trust them.

Instead, Cameron and Janice Hooker locked the then-20-year-old in a coffin-like box for SEVEN YEARS, only letting her out to be raped or tortured.

“I learned I could go anywhere in my mind,” Ms Stan explained to People. “You just removed yourself from the real situation going on and you go somewhere else.

“You go somewhere pleasant, around people you love. Whatever makes you happy.”


Just an hour after getting into the Hooker’s car, Ms Stan was threatened with a knife, before Cameron gagged and bound her, forcing her into a wooden box under the marital bed when they got her home.

She spent 23 hours a day in the “coffin” and was only allowed out to be beaten and used as a sex slave.

“I thought I was going to die,” she admits

In August 1984, Janice helped Ms Stan escape, later gaining immunity by testifying against her husband.

Cameron Hooker, however, was found guilty and sentenced to 104 years imprisonment.

Ms Stan’s horrific story has now been turned into a TV movie called Girl in the Box, set to air in the US this weekend, and the grandmother is happy to be focussing on the future.


“Your life is just kind in limbo when you’re in captivity,” she said, “and once you get that freedom back and you have that choice again, it’s just like the gates open.

“And you just run for it.”

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