A family have released a chilling home video of their son being strangles by a window blind cord.

They want to warn other parents about the “silent killer”.

Gavin Walla’s mum Nicky was filming two of her other sons play in their living room ten years ago at their home in Wisconsin.

When she turned to pick up the phone, she captured a horrific image of Gavin hanging silently by the neck from a pull cord.


Nicky drops the camera, screaming, and rushed over to her son who luckily survived.


He’s now 17, and healthy, but the Walla family have released the footage as a warning to new parents.

The number of deaths and injuries by window cord have plummeted since 2009, when the industry brought in new safety measures, such as ensuring no cord is longer than 7.25 inches, which is too short to strangle a child.

But parents should still be aware that it still occurs and to watch out for their children.

Source: Daily Mail

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