Channel Seven is in hot water – again – after allegedly editing out a gay kissing scene from a recent episode.

The news comes less than a week after fans slammed the program for cutting out a scene of two female characters kissing for audiences in Australia, but not for international audiences.

The scenes involve characters Alex (played by Zoe Ventoura) and Willow (Sarah Roberts), a much-loved lesbian couple on the long-running soap opera.

Photography agency Matrix Media Group reportedly release images from the set of the couple’s kissing scenes. However, the footage has not been used.

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So alot has happened the last few weeks in the willex Fandom….. I just want to express something that I think everyone should know. It doesn't matter if your gay/lesbian, bi/straight you shouldn't be judged. Im not personally part of the LGBTQ community but doesn't mean I don't support it I feel like people should be able to love whatever gender they like without being judged. If you are bullied talk to someone don't hide anything, be yourself, be you, do what you think is right because at the end of the day it all comes to the choices you make. If you are bullying someone think to yourself would you like it if someone done it to you and would you like to be treated like that?. Don't judge people because your not perfect either. My DMS are always open if anyone needs a rant no matter who you are. Speak up, talk to someone whether it be your family, friend, teacher, or counsellor. I love every single one of you guys and wish you all the best. Also a huge thank you to everyone for all the love and support on this account. Everyone of you guys make my day, so excited for future edits and #willex ❤️. PLEASE SHARE SO MORE PEOPLE CAN READ THIS AND LET THEM KNOW YOU CARE!!! #willexfans #willex #willexedits #willow #willowharris #sarahroberts #sarahstewart #alex #alexneilson #zoeventoura #zoemcpherson #homeandaway #homeandawayedits #lgbtq🌈 #support #supportlgbtq #genderequality

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In an interview with the ABC, Channel Seven blamed the discrepancies on “human error” made during “post-production”.

Actress Zoe Ventoura has since taken to Twitter to acknowledge the disappointment of fans, assuring them that they handled the storyline with respect.

“To the #willex fans; Please know that every scene was written, performed and shot with the utmost love and respect for the characters, the relationship and the community. We see you, and we are grateful for your support. Much love x,” she tweeted.

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