It has been rumoured that Billie Ashford is about to be killed off by Home And Away producers after her friends were seen crying at a memorial.

New photos have now emerged that show mourner at an intimate beachside funeral for the popular character, who is played by Tessa De Gosselin.

In the pictures, Billie’s older brother Ash (George Mason) looked devastated as he walked along the beach holding her ashes during the filming on Monday.

It appears as though Billie did give birth to her baby she was expecting with boyfriend VJ Patterson, as he was seen cradling a newborn during the vigil.

A portrait of Billie could be seen at the memorial alongside a surfboard and a flower arrangement.


Just last week, we saw photos of Phoebe mourning her friend’s death at a makeshift shrine on the beach with flowers being laid alongside personal nights.

One note read ‘Darling Billie, RIP beautiful girl. Surf life forever’.

Another said: ‘Beautiful Billie. I’m going to miss your beautiful smiling face in the surf every day. Love Katie.’ 

The scenes will be shown later this year.

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