Home and Away actress Penny McNamee has revealed that her and husband Matt Tooker are expecting their second child.

McNamee, who plays Dr Tori Morgan, and husband are simply delighted by the happy news.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, Penny said, “We’re just feeling very grateful, blessed and excited.”

She added that their three-year-old son Jack will be a “beautiful” older brother.

Penny found out that she was pregnant on July 1, as she was getting ready for the Logies, when her dress suddenly felt a little too snug.


“As these three women were battling to zip me up, I had this moment of thinking, “I must be pregnant!” I just knew in my heart.”

Penny also revealed that she’s been having odd and unexpected cravings, for things like honey toast, tinned pineapple and fresh peaches! (Yum!)

Penny and Matt will wait to find out the baby’s gender when it’s born. The baby is due in March 2019.

Penny has previously spoken about being diagnosed with endometriosis earlier in 2018, which currently affects 1 in 10 Australian women.

Endometriosis, a painful condition, had made it difficult for the couple to conceive. After the birth of Jack, Penny underwent lifechanging surgery which was successful.

“My experience of life now is so much better,’ she revealed. ‘I have virtually no pain, and my day is not affected by having my period.”


“There is hope now and for me, it’s [so important] to make sure that women don’t lose years trying to fall pregnant like I did, not realising they have the disease.”

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