Samantha X labels herself as a ‘High Class Escort’ and she charges over a thousand dollars for an hour of her, erm, services. And so if anyone’s going to know what makes someone great in bed, she’s definitely the one to ask, being a professional in this particular industry and what not.

So when she visited Kyle and Jackie O’s studio this morning for a chat, Jackie was quick to take one for the team and pick up on some advice to help out all of us girls.

“What makes a girl good in bed do you think?” asked Jackie.

We expected to hear some sort of list of attributes or tricks that women can try, but Samantha said that it all really comes down to one thing. And she didn’t hesitate for a moment before giving her answer.

“Confidence,” she said definitively. “Doesn’t matter what shape or size or you know, it’s confidence.”


She continued to explain that while women might feel like they have to have the perfect body or dress in a certain way to rock a man’s world, it’s just not the case. (Unless you’re Kyle of course…)

“Men don’t care about all of that,” continued Samantha. All they care about in her opinion is whether you own the room and do whatever you’re doing with confidence! In fact, this is the reason that she invented her Samantha X persona in the first place.

In the year’s before she became an escort, Samantha went by her real name, Amanda Goff; the hard hitting journalist who worked for numerous, big media companies.

It wasn’t until she went through a relationship break down that she decided to dip her toe into a different and what she felt was a more empowering industry. And this is when Samantha X, the sexy and confident escort, was born.

“Samantha is everything a woman wants to be,” she explained. “She’s empowered, she’s sexy, confident…Samantha’s way more exciting. I’m so boring.”

And it appears that the Samantha person really works! After all, she is the woman that gets men booking in session after session for over $1000 an hour and has even had clients fall head over heels for her character in the past.


So there you have it ladies! If you want to improve your game in the bedroom, the answer is super simple. Just up your confidence and you’re good to go!

You can get more advice from Samantha and her salacious stories in her latest book ‘Back On Top – Confessions Of A High-Class Escort.’

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