HORRIFYING! Up Close With The Honey Badger’s Kiss Face…

When Nick “The Honey Badger” Cummins was chosen to be the 2018 Bachelor, it was a big surprise to some!

The ex-Rugby player certainly isn’t known for his good looks, which are usually a pre-requisite when it comes to being chosen as The Bachelor. But rather, he is known for his genuine nature, honesty, and hilarious sense of humour. Oh, and I guess you could add in his sculpted rig and chiseled muscles. 

But he certainly doesn’t have a “jaw that could cut a cake”, as he put it in his own terms. He does have curls though, and you know that old saying. You know the one? Something about having curls and picking up chicks. Anyway, after seeing this, you’ll see the Honey Badger in a completely different light. Is he sexy or scary? 

WATCH the video and you’ll know 100%! Be sure to put the SOUND ON. 

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