If you’ve been watching the new The Hills reboot recently, you’ll know that part of Heidi Montag’s ‘New Beginning’ was her singing career.

The long-running star of the series announced that she would be recording her own song during an episode, but it’s not what you might expect.

In what seems like a far cry from the party-girl Heidi we saw in the original series of The Hills, Heidi’s song has actually been released in the category of Christian Pop.

The song is called ‘Glitter and Glory’ and basically it talks about her newfound love for God.

In the lyrics she sings about how money and fame aren’t her priorities anymore, singing, “God helped me see the difference between glitter and glory”.


The cover art for the single shows Heidi dressed in a sparkly, long sleeve dress with her hands in a praying position as she looks upwards.

And now look, terrible is a very strong word… Let’s just say that it’s interesting.

You can hear the three minute track for yourself here!