For those hoping for a bit of rain in the coming weeks, Australia’s weather forecasters have released some terrible news, with Spring expected to be warmer and drier than average across NSW.

According to the Bureau of Meteorology’s 2018 Spring Outlook, our drought-stricken farmers will see little to no relief after the country faced its 12th driest winter on record, following a dry autumn and summer in the months before.

Temperatures across the state are expected to climb higher than usual throughout Spring according to the bureau with drought conditions across eastern Australia expected to intensify.

“A drier and warmer than average spring would likely mean intensification of the existing drought conditions across parts of easter Australia and an increase in bushfire potential,” said the Bureau of Meteorology in the outlook released on Thursday.

“Much of eastern and southern mainland Australia has experienced a very dry winter and start to the year, so an outlook with increased chances of drier conditions indicates areas currently experiencing drought are less likely to see significant respite in the coming three months.”


While winter saw parts of Australia receive less than half of the average rainfall throughout winter, Andrew Watkins, manager of long-range forecasts at the BoM, told the Guardian that Spring was likely to see much of the same conditions.

He also told the publication that there was a large chance of early heatwaves in the coming months.

“We might expect to see summer start a little early this year in many places, a chance of an early heatwave is certainly on the cards for southern and south-easter parts of Australia,” said Mr Watkins.

“Unfortunately no area is looking at good odds of above average rainfall, particularly in south-easter Australia.”

After a terribly dry winter, 100 per cent of NSW was declared to be in drought last month. As a result, farmers across the county are struggling to make it by day by day, with many unable to even feed their animals.

“We might have to wait till as late as autumn in 2019 to start seeing some recovery rains in the drought areas,” said Mr Watkins.

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