It seems unimaginable that Heath Ledger left us over eight and a half years ago, and those last days still play over in his family’s mind. 

Kim Ledger – Heath’s father – opened up to the ABC this week about the family’s last known communication with their son, the night he died from an apparent prescription medication overdose. 

Kim said his daughter Kate was talking to him the night of the accident over the phone warning him not to take sleeping pills on top of the prescription medication that he was taking to fight a chest infection. 

Heath was set to meet Steven Spielberg the next day and wanted to be well rested so as to make a good impression. 

The final words Kate heard from Heath was not to worry and that he just needed to sleep.

Considering the eventual circumstances, those last words will forever be a chilling reminder for the family. 

Kim Ledger is now an activist against the misuse of prescription medications and often talks out about the cuase. 


Listen to the full interview below. 

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