Kyle might be a bit of a high-roller these days, but he still never lets people forget the times that he was doing it tough. In fact, pretty much every show Kyle will bring two things up: the fact that his father is dead and that he was homeless as a teenager.

Today was no different and both topics were slot into general conversation on air by Kyle, but more focus was placed on Kyle’s period of homelessness as he called up the woman who took him in when he had no place left to go and thanked her live on air.

It all came completely out of the blue. During last calls it was brought up by a listener that if you want a relative to receive a letter from the Queen when they turn 100-years-old you have to contact the embassy and remind them.

Kyle’s Granny is about to turn 100 and so he decided to call up his Aunt Jill to let her know the important news. (Mostly because Kyle wants to receive the letter from the Queen in his Granny’s will)

And while on the phone Kyle actually ended up thanking hi Auntie because she was the only person who was there for him when he was left homeless.


“You were so lovely to me,” said Kyle. “I’ve really got to thank you for everything I’ve become.”

Awww! Kyle really is a big softie at heart!! But the heartfelt moment didn’t stop there.

“So I’ve thank you for being a wonderful woman who rescued a destitute no hoper of a kid when no one else loved him.”

And it turns out Sydney owes Auntie Jill a big thank you too because she’s the one who actually encouraged Kyle to pursue a career in radio! If she hadn’t our air waves would definitely not be what they are now.

Snaps to Aunt Jill for putting up with Kyle back then! It sounds like Kyle was a little rat bag of a kid at times…Hear Kyle’s emotional moment with his Aunt and the funny stories about the pranks Kyle used to play on her in the video above!

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