Alex Dyke, a radio presenter in England has cheered up a 95-year-old man in the most beautiful way. 

Bill Palmer, a 95-year-old from Southampton, England called the radio show on Wednesday to contribute to a segment called “Love Later in Life”.

Palmer told Dyke how much he missed his wife, who he married last year and is now in a nursing home.  

“We knew each other for 30-odd years and she needed a carer and I took over the role of carer and it became so involved we decided we’d get married”. However Palmer’s wife recently fell and had to be put in a nursing home where Palmer visits her every day. 

Some of those days, she doesn’t remember Palmer. “You’ve got no idea how sorry I am. Every day is hell” he said. 

Dyke was so moved by Palmer’s story that he sent a cab to Palmer’s house and invited him in to the studio for coffee. 

Watch what happened below… 


Source: Cosmopolitan

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