A healthy 21-year-old woman has died after taking the contraceptive pill.

Fallan Kurek, who had no history of major health problems, was prescribed the pill to help regulate her periods.

She was rushed to hospital earlier this month after collapsing at her parents’ home in Staffordshire, England, and placed in intensive care. She died three days later.

Doctors told her devastated parents that her death was caused by the pill.

“She was only on it to regulate her periods. I couldn’t believe nobody had said the pill could do this,” her mother, Julia, told the Birmingham Mail.

“It should say on the pack that they can kill and the label.”


Fallan was prescribed Rigevidon by her GP and told to take it for three months, and then have a break, but began having a reaction to the drug after only weeks.

She became breathless and had pain in her legs and ribs, but was given the all clear after going to hospital – and four days later, she collapsed in the event that triggered her death.

Fallan took her pill just moments before blacking out.

Scans revealed a large clot on her lung, which was causing the right side of her heart to become inflamed, and her heart and blood rate increased dramatically. Hours later, she was declared brain dead.

Fallan’s parents want to warn other families and women about the dangers of taking the pill and the possible side effects. 

“We can’t bring her back – all we can do is maybe save another life,” her father, Brian, said.


It is estimated that between 50 and 80 per cent of Australian women take the pill.

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