Do you know what’s even worse than sending a risky message and seeing the “Read” receipt, but not getting a reply?

Finding out which one of your “mates” has been ignoring your friend request on Facebook.

Luckily we’re here to help you realise who REALLY loves you/ deserves your attention.

P.S. This doesn’t work on mobile or tablet, so you’re going to have to boot up your desktop/ laptop.

Step 1. Head to the “Friend Request” icon.

And then click that bad boy.


Step 2. Select “View All”

Right down the bottom, under your suggested friends.

Step 3. Check out “Sent Requests”

Be prepared; this could get ugly.


Remember though, if you can find out, other people will be able to figure out what a stone-cold friend ignore-r you are too.

Stay safe out there, kids. 

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