Next time you head out for beers with the boys (or gals, we’re all for chicks drinking a beer too!) you might want to get out a bit of extra cash, with reports saying that our beloved golden drink is about to see a price hike! 

The cost of bread and chicken is also expected to jump up along with the frothy beverage. The increase in prices is said to be a direct result of Australia’s horrific drought according to the National Farmers Federation.

“Anything to do with grain is in the firing line. There is very, very little grain on the eastern seaboard at the moment. We are bringing it around from the west already so that is adding significant cost. If grain is short … the cost is going to go up too,” said President Fiona Simson during a radio interview on Monday.

The price of chickens could also go up as they eat grain, while beer drinkers could be hit with sorghum and barley in shorter supply, she added.

“You would expect when the price does go up for the price of the raw product you would expect to see a corresponding price increase in the markets,” Ms Simson said.

Parts of Australia have been suffering through one of the countries worst droughts in decades in recent times.

With AAP.