A public pool in Sydney’s south-west was swarmed with paramedics yesterday after a number of children became overcome by chemical fumes.

Seven ambulance crews rushed to the Wollondilly Leisure Centre on Argyle Street, Picton just after 10:30am after reports that a number of people were struggling to breathe.

The paramedics assessed 19 patients at the scene, a number of which were young children and toddlers.

Four children and four adults were transported to Campbelltown hospital while an another two children were taken to Bowral hospital.

The HAZMAT situation is believed to have occurred when pre-mixed pool chemicals were spilt, causing fumes to enter the indoor swimming centre.


“The two chemicals are sodium picosulfate and dry chlorine and are not meant to be mixed together,” said William Morris from Fire Rescue NSW.

Ian Johns, Deputy Director Clinical Operations, said that thankfully no one suffered serious injuries and that the patients assessed presented with minor reactions to the chemical incident.

“If you were exposed to this chemical you would have some trouble breathing and maybe some local skin and eye irritation,” said Dept. Director Johns.

“We expect no adverse outcome for any of these patients.”

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