Tim Tams are now internationally renowned as the most incredibly biscuit to ever exist.

With a crazy amount of flavours to choose from, everyone’s got their own favourite flavour… but if it isn’t double coat then you’re wrong.

You’re just wrong.

Arnott’s has now come out with a Dark Choc Chilli flavour and I can vouch for it, it’s quite good!

The packet has hit shelves at Woolies for $3.65  but it’s on special at the moment for $3.00!

As someone who’s tried it, this is the experience.

You taste NONE of the chilli when you first bite into it and chew it, it just tastes like a delicious sweetened dark chocolate Tim Tam.


Then you swallow….

and all hell breaks loose (kind of), the chilli flavour kicks through in the back of your throat and really wakes you up!

It’s not unpleasant…

Only available for a limited time so make sure you give it a go!

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