After an increasing anti-smoking trend in Australia that has seen smokers pushed out of pubs, clubs and restaurants and onto the streets, there are worries that this latest potential legislation has gone too far, as it encroaches into people’s homes.

Reports have emerged that residents in Queensland could be banned from smoking on the balconies of private units and in holiday apartments, as per a proposed new law from the government.

The reports come admid a report that commissioned research by the Queensland University of Technology has found that smoke from neighbouring balconies in apartment blocks can be harmful to other tenants.

The suggestion is to restrict smoking from private balconies, and to encourage body coporates to construct designated smoking zones or restrict smoking to inside units with the doors shut, according to a report on the Courier Mail.

Currently, residents against smoking on private balconies are powerless under current legislation, having to rely on body corporate bylaws, which can be difficult to enforce.

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman , while personally against the potential new laws, as he thinks that people should be able to smoke on their private balconies, acknowledges that there have been numerous complaints.

He said any changes would only be implemented after consultation.


“My answer is yes, that they should be able to, but very clearly we gets lots of feedback about people who are not ever able to use their own apartment balcony because of people who won’t respect that their smoke might be causing a problem.”

“This is something that the Government has had a lot of people looking at. It would only happen after a lot of consultation. But I think Australia has enough laws and I am always loathe to see more laws come in.”

What do you think about these potential new laws?

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