Kim Kardashian has just graced the cover of Forbes magazine and has a very clear message for all her critics.

On the cover, Kim is standing, arms crossed a sporting a smirk while being described as being a media mogul. With a fortune estimated at $45 million, it’s a well-raised point.

Kim is currently ranked number 42 on the Forbes annual rich list and has made $51million over the last year alone.

Since she launched her new app, Kim Kardashian : Hollywood, it has grossed a huge $160million.

Kim tweeted about the cover ”Such a tremendous honour to be on the cover of @forbes! I never dreamed this would happen & know my Dad would be proud.”


What really stood out was the following line, where she said ”NotBadForAGirlWithNoTalent”.

Speaking to the magazine, however, was just business talk and she admits that it was Kanye who persuaded her to take on the app world.

She says ”I remember I asked Kanye [West], ‘Should I do this?’ He was like, ‘Yes!’ That’s how he got into music because he wanted to do music for video games and wanted to create video games.”

What a family, huh?

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