The kid has been through a lot, I get it.

But damn, my roommate has obsessively been watching his slow demise on his instagram stories everyday and it’s ROUGH.

Quick backstory!

He WAS dating a porn star called Jenna Shea and he was really really REALLY in love with her. 

But then SCANDAL, Jenna exposed that she wasn’t his girlfriend and he was paying her the whole time to be his girl.

And we were DYING. 

After this came out and they ‘broke’ up, Aaron talked a lot of shit about how she stole a bunch of his stuff but never stated what she stole.


And then after all this (and I have nothing but respect for sex workers but damn) he’s started dating ANOTHER porn star.

Okay well she does OnlyFans (with him!!) so more of a cam girl but it’s kind of like LEARN YOUR LESSON at this point AARON.


Aaron is now dating the lovely Melanie Martin and he’s really really REALLY in love with her. 

And now, 3 months into the relationship, to prove his love he’s gone and gotten a tattoo of her name on his FACE.



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