They really light up our lives like nobody else, and so it’s understandable why the whole world is calling for one of our fav boy bands, One Direction to reunite.

The band, which included members Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and of course Zayn Malik for a little while, went on hiatus in 2016 so that the members could each focus on their solo careers.

While these solo careers certainly are doing incredibly well, we all still come back to One Direction.

And so of course when Harry Styles joined the Kyle and Jackie O show this morning to chat about his upcoming album Fine Line, it was kind of expected that we would ask him about a OneD reunion.

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To our delight, Harry seemed rather positive about the idea and told us that it’s certainly something that could happen in the future.


“Would you ever do it again?” Kyle asked Harry about the band.

“I don’t think I’d ever say never,” Harry told us. “I definitely never say never. You know it was a massive part of my life and something that we always have. It’s a pretty amazing thing to be part of.”

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As for when it would happen, Harry said that nothing is set in stone but would have to be when all of the boys are free and ready for it.

“If a time comes around when everyone wants to do it,” Harry said.


But in order to solidify the One Direction reunion a little more, Kyle had a wonderful idea. He came up with the perfect date for the guys to get together for their first performance back as a band.

“Well guess what, I’ve got that time for you. I’ve found the time so don’t even think about it,” Kyle told Harry.

Next year Kyle and Jackie O will celebrate 20 years on air together. Kyle thought that it would be PERFECT for One Direction to reunite for a special concert just for us.

“Next year, Jackie and I have been doing this show for 20 years,” Kyle said. “I think what better time to put One Direction back together and fly all the way to Australia and do a free concert in the park for us early next year.

“Can I just leave that with you? You put that together?”

Harry didn’t really know how to respond to that one we don’t think…


“We’re all going on tour but if it works out, well talk about it,” Harry said.

“We’re all pitching in together, everyone’s doing little jobs so I want you to handle entertainment,” Kyle added.

“I’ll be head of food and bev,” Harry joked. So maybe he wasn’t really too keen. But hey, head of food and be would still have to be present at the event so looks like we’ve locked you in there Harry!

“I’ll take that as a yes!” Kyle laughed.


PLEASE Harry! We beg of you! One Direction reunion MUST happen! Imagine if he surprised us all and brought them out on stage at his next tour…

Hear more from our chat with Harry Styles in the video above!

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