From covering his guitar with anti-gun violence stickers to waving a ‘Make America Gay Again’ flag during Pride Month, Harry Styles is the musician we have all fallen in love with, again and again. And, his actions during his recent San Jose show truly capture this. 

According to various social media accounts, the former One Direction star stopped his show when he saw a young fan named Grace holding up a sign that read, “I’m gonna come out to my parents because of you.” After asking for her consent, Styles read the message out loud to the screaming crowd. He then asked what her name was, where her parents were, and what her mum’s name is (it’s Tina, by the way). He made everyone lower their voices, so Tina could hear him yell all the way from her hotel. “Tina, she’s gay!” he yelled before having the whole arena join in. 

So, did Tina approve? Well, luckily Grace gave us a quick little update, and the outcome has us sobbing… for all the right reasons!

Harry Styles is breaking hearts and saving lives once again!

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