By now you’ve probably binge watched Netflix’s latest reality show ‘Too Hot To Handle’ and so no doubt, just like us, you’re just a tiny bit obsessed with the Aussie on the show, Harry Jowsey.

He’s cheeky, he’s funny and he’s pretty darn easy on the eyes, so it’s only natural that he quickly became a show favourite.

Now, too hot to handle isn’t your average dating show. While it sent a whole bunch of good looking singles off to a tropical location to live together like Love Island, there was a MASSIVE twist involved where the contestants were not allowed any hanky panky whatsoever.

We’re talking no kissing, no touching, and even no taking care of yourself! If you broke the rules, you’d lose some money off the overall prize money.

Despite the strict rules, Harry managed to leave the show *SPOILER ALERT* with one of the gals, Francesca Fargo, but it really couldn’t have been easy to keep your hands to yourself that whole time.

Harry joined KIIS FM’s Mitch Churi last night when he explained just how tough it was, saying that he was brought to tears when he first heard the rules.


“All these people have got the idea that they’re going to a Love Island situation, and they’re all horny, they’re all ready to go, and you just get these rules dumped on you where you can’t have sex, you can’t kiss, you can’t do any self gratification, you can’t do anything or you’re going to lose money off the prize,” Harry said.

“It’s pretty wild, pretty intense… This was the worst thing that’s ever happened to me at that point in time. I cried when they told me the rules. They played that down real well, like I was mess. I was chucking a tantrum.”

With that being said, Mitch wondered if Harry would want to try out a different reality show like The Bachelor, which Harry said has actually always been his dream!

“It’s honestly always been at the back of my mind that I would love to be the Bachelor,” Harry said.

Now for all you Harry and Francesca shippers, don’t worry, Harry was quick to say that it’s not something that he would do now that he’s met his “dream girl”.


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“Me and Francesca are more than perfect and she’s my “dream girl”,” Harry revealed. “It wouldn’t really feel right if I was in a relationship and tried to do that. It wouldn’t be a good look either.”

Looks like things are getting pretty serious between Harry and Francesca too, with Harry saying that they’ve actually been talking about MARRIAGE!

And while Harry would certainly make a great Bachelor, we’re so happy that he seems to have found “the one” now!


Hear more from Mitch’s chat with Harry in the podcast below!