All Hamish and Andy fans would know that they’re currently focusing on their the second season of their television series, True Story, which premiers tonight on Channel Nine, but could their next media venture be heading back to the world of radio?

Well if their interview with former radio rivals Kyle and Jackie O this morning is anything to go by, it looks like the boys very well could be heading back to the air waves sometime soon!

The topic first came about when Kyle asked Hamish and Andy whether they preferred working in radio or television. And thought they admitted that both mediums are very different and have their own merits, Andy was quick to admit that radio will always be his favourite.

“Oh radio,” answered Andy almost immediately after Kyle posed the question. He went on to say that they even tried to make their TV set feel more like radio in order to help their interviewees feel more comfortable.

“We tried our best to make it more like radio like so we hide all of the cameras, even though it’s in a studio so people know they’re there, but they’re in the dark,” he continued. “We don’t call action, all of these things because these are the things that naturally people go ‘oh this is weird’, where radio is certainly more conversational.”


And so naturally this led to our next question. Would Hamish and Andy ever think about returning to radio and reboot their show.

“Would you guys ever go back to radio or are you definitely done?” asked Jackie.

“We’re out for the year at least,” answered Hamish. Andy added, “We love different challenges in life, but radio to me, that’s the most fun you can have. So to say never would be a silly thing. But yeah it certainly may be on the horizon at some point.”

Well looks like you’re coming along for the ride Hamish because Andy seems super keen! Hamish did say though that in terms of work, they just love doing fun things and that may well be a radio show in the future.

“I’m sure at some point, I mean we’ve always just operated on the theory of going well if it’s fun do it, and that may very well be us calling up a radio station and going ‘you know what, we’d love to do radio again’,” added Hamish.

Although he did admit that by the time this happens, they may not be a hot commodity in the world of radio anymore! But not to worry, he’s got a solid back up plan if that happens. Hamish and Andy Blog anyone?


“That’s when Andy and I will go, ‘you know what we wanna do? A BLOG!'”, joked Hamish. 

But while we wait for the Hamish and Andy radio show and the less likely but still possible Hamish and Andy blog, at least we can get a fix of the hilarious boys in their TV series!

True Story With Hamish And Andy starts tonight at 8:30pm on Nine!

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