Got no plans for Valentine’s Day yet Sydney? Well it might be worth taking a trip into the CBD! Especially if you’re a major Halsey fan…

The ‘Without Me’ singer posted a very cryptic message to her Instagram account last night, telling her Sydney fans that she has something planned for them.

And while we have no official word as of yet about what she’s got in store for us, we have a feeling, or maybe it’s just wishful thinking, that she could be about to put on a pop-up concert for us!

The Instagram post is a simple video with green text that reads, “Sydney… There will be a Valentine’s Day surprise waiting for you from tomorrow…”

The video then gives Halsey’s Sydney fans a location to go to.


“The Commune, 901 Bourke Street, Waterloo, Sydney.”

Now this space is a big warehouse in the heart of Sydney, and would obviously be the perfect location for a pop-up concert…But even if this isn’t the case, we reckon that if you’ve ever wanted to meet Halsey, this will be the time and place to do it.

Halsey concludes the message saying, “See you there. H xxx”

Halsey is currently in Sydney with her boyfriend Yungblud, who is performing tonight at The Factory. He also posted the same message to his Instagram account.

The pair have recorded a song together, 11 minutes, which is set to be released tomorrow.

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