Gwen Stefani is Brandon’s hero.

Bullied for most of his school life, the only way Brandon would ever feel better is when he played Gwen’s music and danced around in his room.

When he and his mum went to Gwen’s concert, his mum brought with her a sign that managed to get Gwen’s attention while she was on stage.

She saw the sign and did something miraculous.

She told Brandon to get on stage right now and she gave him a huge hug and gave him some words of wisdom.


Kyle and Jackie O then caught up with Brandon and his mum, who let us know what Gwen said to him and what happened when they went backstage.

Brandon told us Gwen thanked him for listening to her music, and that she wanted him to meet her sons.

#cuteness Gx

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They were lucky enough to hang out backstage with them, and the experience has absolutely changed Brandon’s life for the better.

Source: Today

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