If ANYONE knows how to take the perfect selfie, it’s Kim Kardashian; she has a whole book of them, for snapping out loud.

But rumour has it she also has a whole person on her staff whose sole job it is to provide stellar lighting for the reality star’s pics – and that’s before you take into account a career in learning how to pose, a whole host of award-winning make-up artists and, y’know, incredible genes.

Well, one of those incredible make-up artists on the Kardashian payroll has obviously been picking up what Kim’s been putting down, and he’s spilled the beans on the one, super-easy thing we could all be doing to make our selfies totally ‘grammable.

And it doesn’t involve going ANYWHERE near that Valencia filter.


According to Ta, look for the colour editing section next time you’re about to upload that beaut photo; clicking on the red option will take your selfie from drab to fab in the blink of an eye.

“It elevates the visibility of your makeup and leaves your complexion bronzed and luminous,” he told Popsugar.

Obsessed With The Red Filter 🔥 @itsashbenzo Hair By @chadwoodhair Makeup By @patrickta

A photo posted by Patrick Ta (@patrickta) on

We apologise in advance for all the bomb selfies clogging up your Insta feed this weekend, by the way.

Oh, and when it comes to the perfect pic, always remember the wise words of Kween Kimmy.


What can we say, the woman speaks the truth.

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