Can you get any more Aussie than this? A guy from the Northern Beaches and his new wife have chosen to celebrate their nuptials with their friends and family – at Bunnings.

Jordan and Chantelle Wilson tied the knot in their local suburb of Newport, before heading to Bunnings Belrose – yes Bunnings – to treat their guests to a sausage sandwich.

They topped off their celebrations with a ‘shoey’ from the groomsmen, because, why not?!

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O caught up with groom, Jordan, to find out why they chose to head there for their reception.

‘What a great wedding! You did the most Australian wedding of all time! Was it fun?’ Kyle exclaimed.

‘Yeah it was brilliant, it was great,’ Jordan revealed.

‘You didn’t actually have the wedding at Bunnings right? you just visited right?’ Jackie asked.


‘It was the after party!’

‘That’s awesome,’ Jackie agreed.

‘The way I see it is, every girl wants to be treated like a princess, so why give her a wedding day when you can give her a wedding weekend?

‘We had the wedding on Saturday and then on Sunday we went up to Bunnings and kept on parting.

‘Kept on partying at the sausage sizzle!’ Kyle howled.

‘I’ve got the picture here of you at the sausage sizzle and you’re all still in your bridal gear though. She’s in her wedding gown?’ Jackie asked.


‘Sounds like they had a bender at this wedding!’ Kyle chimed in. ‘Nobody got any sleep!’ Jackie said.

‘Kept on partying at the sausage sizzle!’ Kyle laughed.


‘What did they say at the Lions club there when you all piled out in the wedding gear and everything, were they flabbergasted or did they join in the party?’ Kyle asked.

‘They looked a little bit confused for a few minutes and then they realised it was real, but they loved it.’

Jackie, always interested in the money, asked: ‘Did they make you pay for the sausage sizzle?’

‘They did, but it’s for charity, so it’s a good cause, but I did end up getting a free carpet cleaner, so that made up for it.’

‘A FREE carpet cleaner from Bunnings?’ Jackie exclaimed.

‘They dished that up as a wedding gift did they?’ Kyle asked


‘Yeah Bunnings gave us a wedding gift, it was mad!’ Jordan revealed.

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