Gone are the days of the innocent Guy Sebastian when he was crowned winner of Australian Idol at the ripe age of 22. When the singer spoke with Kyle and Jackie O he took things in a rather…kinky direction.

Guy was chatting to the guys about his upcoming tour with Michael Buble when of course we diverted from the topic of music and moved on to more personal topics. Such as Guy’s sex life with his beautiful wife Jules. And well, he didn’t hold back with his responses!

Kyle and Jackie were chatting with Guy about his music video for ‘Mind On You’ where he was seen dressing up as a number of different characters when Kyle wondered if he’d ever taken any of these roles with him into the bedroom.

“Have you ever dressed up for Jules? You know, just to keep the things sexy,” said Kyle.

“No I haven’t but we were actually talking about it recently,” answered Guy. “About just doing a scenario like they did on Modern Family where we just meet each other at a bar and I’m not Guy Sebastian I’m just some bloke and we just sort of get into character.”


Guy went on to say that no matter what it is, he definitely has to do something to spice things up. He said that he’s been away from home for a while now having been on tour and while yes, absence can make the heart grow fonder, he revealed it can also make the flame spark out just a bit.

“Seriously I need to do something, I’ve been away for ages now and I was on tour before that so the fires out of it. We need to stoke the fire in our relationship” he said. “I’ve been away for too long…There’s never any time for anything that’s remotely kinky.”

But while there’s no time for anything, as Guy said, Kinky, it doesn’t meant that he hasn’t thought about these sultry scenarios. In fact, he even tried to suggest something to his wife but she shut him down BIG TIME!

“The big new here is Guy is horny,” concluded Kyle.


Find out what it was in the video above.

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