This morning Kyle and Jackie O caught up with Guy Sebastian.

But before the chat got off the ground, he stopped Kyle and asked him for a favour.

‘Kyle, I need you to help me save my house.’

Kyle is in Los Angeles at the moment, so Guy called on him for a BIG favour.

‘I have a few friends staying in my house [in Los Angeles] and they said I had some important-looking letters arrive at the house.’

‘I got them to open them, and apparently I owe all of this land tax – and I had no idea!’

‘I was staying at Thorpey’s house for a while and I must have registered his address… I didn’t know you had to pay land tax for an apartment!’


‘Anyway, the letter said that if I don’t pay the amount, they’ll be selling my house on October 22!’

‘What do you want me to do? Tie myself to a tree out the front?!’ Kyle asked.

‘Yes! If that’s what it takes!’

‘You know people that know people, can you help me?’ Guy pleaded.

‘I don’t have any connections to the tax man, trust me!’ Kyle responded.

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