If you think back to when the coronavirus pandemic really broke out here in Australia (which seems like a freaking long time ago now), the first celeb case here that we can think of is Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson who caught it while Down Under for a movie.

But if you ask Guy Sebastian, it seems that this might not actually be accurate!

Guy told Kyle and Jackie O this morning that he thinks he was “patient zero” and actually self diagnosed himself with the virus after a trip to Wuhan, China last year.

Guy had been travelling around China and actually visited Wuhan before all of these travel restrictions were in place back in November last year for a bunch of music festivals.

And he said that after he returned, he started to experience symptoms of COVID-19.

“I was patient zero so I already had it ages ago when I was in Wuhan… In November,” Guy told us. “So I already, I got it. I was pretty much patient zero, so I’d already developed the antibodies and I’m all good.”

“Hang on, you had the Rona?” Kyle asked in shock. Guy was talking about it like this was common knowledge or something that we all knew, but NOPE we didn’t!


Guy said he obviously isn’t a medical professional and seeing as he didn’t have a test he can’t definitively say yes, but he said that’s what it felt like.

“I can’t confirm that I had it,” he told us. “I had a bit of a cough and a cold right after coming back from Wuhan so I sort of self-diagnosed that I had it.”

“What were you doing in Wuhan?!” Kyle demanded.

“I was in Wuhan, I hadn’t even heard of Wuhan, and in November when Corona started. I was there for a music festival, I was with Alan Walker and a few other DJs and stuff and doing promo in China,” Guy explained.


Guy reassured us that he didn’t visit any of the wet markets or anything like that while he was over there, but people online have still been making the same joke about him. Especially after one post he made on social media…

“It went around on Facebook co I posted on Instagram when I was in Wuhan in November, I said, ‘What a beautiful city, beautiful people and God didn’t I eat some interesting things’,” Guy explained. “That was my post. So it didn’t age well that post.”

“I don’t normally read comments but there was some funny ones on there where people are just saying, ‘First he bloody robbed Shannon Noll and then he starts coronavirus’,” he added.

Yeah in hindsight, that post DEFINITELY hasn’t aged well Guy!


Thankfully Guy is back in Australia and doing well, and is ready to kick off a new season of The Voice this Sunday night!

Hear more about the upcoming season in our chat with him in the podcast below!

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