If there’s one thing that can get us through self-isolation it’s news that we could have new music from Guy Sebastian coming soon.

And it turns out the song has actually been inspired by the health crisis affecting the world at the moment.

Guy joined the Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning to tell us how he’s doing in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, when he revealed that he’s going to release a song that he wrote about the situation.

He told us that he was over in LA and was about to fly back to Australia before the borders shut, when he decided to put pen to paper and create some music.

“I was in LA and the day we found out, like it came up on the news that everyone who arrived in Australia had to self-isolate, so at that point obviously I knew that The Voice couldn’t happen and obviously I was going to be in lockdown,” Guy told us.

“On the day in LA I was with two other guys who I wrote Choir with and I was like, ‘Dudes, we need to write a coronavirus song’. Like, this isn’t something that people are going to forget.

“I don’t want to be too serious I want to bring a bit of light.”


And one way to bring light back into people’s lives is through music, and so Guy wrote the song called ‘All For It’.

He told us that he’s thinking of releasing it soon and explained exactly what it’s about.

“It’s basically saying, you know, if I have to be locked up in a bunker with you and repopulate the world then God, I’ll do it,” Guy explained to us.

Sounds a bit apocalyptic but knowing Guy it will be an absolute banger too! And maybe some new music is just what we need to lighten our spirits at the moment.

Guy also told us about how tough musicians are going to find the current situation amid the coronavirus outbreak as gig after gig has to be cancelled.

He also spoke about The Voice production being put on hold, with the show’s judges and hosts all living in separate countries at the moment.


Hear more from our chat with Guy Sebastian in the podcast below!