It’s a classic scene from a number of films and TV shows. The moment two people are in the midst of getting busy when all of a sudden the person’s wife or husband comes home and the other person is forced to spring into action, grab their clothes and jump out the window or climb down from the balcony in order to avoid being caught.

And usually they’ll get away just in time too but unfortunately for one listener his dalliance in being the other man to a woman in a relationship didn’t really turn out the same as it usually does in Hollywood.

Kane explained to Jackie and Beau, who was filling in for Kyle this morning, that he had been tuning this girl on Instagram that he thought was recently single.

“This girl, I’ve been following her for a while on Instagram, she’s pretty decent, and she’s got a boyfriend but um, the other day I got a random follow from her,” explained Kane. “So then I message her and I said ‘Oh it’s a shame you’ve got a boyfriend’, and she wrote back telling me that they broke up.”

After hearing this, Kane organised to meet up with her at her house. But pretty quickly he started to get an inkling that this girl might still have a boyfriend. Despite this, he decided to go ahead with the booty call anyway.

“Anyway, we got straight into it pretty much…and then we’re going for like 20 minutes and then I see this, her bedroom’s at the front of the house, and this car pulls up,” continued Kane. “She freaks out, jumps off me, and starts running around. She’s like, “Go, run out the back door, run out the back door”.

Yep it was a cheater’s worst nightmare. The boyfriend that this girl had supposedly broken up with had arrived home and it was a complete moment of panic for Kane whoe quickly got up and started looking around for his clothes.


But quickly realises he’s not going to have enough time to get out without being caught. And so what else was there to do but for Kane to crawl underneath the bed and wait for an opportunity later on to make a run for it.

Kane assumed that the boyfriend would have to have a shower or go to the bathroom at some point, but nope, as soon as he walked in he headed straight for the bedroom, lay down on the bed and went to sleep, leaving Kane completely trapped!

“I couldn’t go anywhere!,” explained Kane. “And I didn’t want to fall asleep incase I snored so I just had to stay there all night.”

Can you imagine!! Kane’s just lucky he didn’t sneeze or something! Listen to Kane’s hilarious story in the video above!

And if you ever thought about cheating or being the other person in a cheating scenario, we reckon this story will definitely deter you…you know, just incase your morals don’t.

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