We’re sure that everyone out there thinks that they have the most horrible, awkward, or uncomfortable sex story. But let us just tell you now, they are NOTHING compared to what this guy went through.

It started off like any night for Ross Asdourian, when things started to heat up with a girl he’d been hanging out with. Before he knew it, they were getting down and dirty in “what doctors call doggy style” as Ross puts it, when suddenly things took a horrid turn.

Ross’ penis broke! The thing freaking BROKE!!! Apparently the shear force of his thingy trying to, uh, how do we put this lightly, enter the woman, caused it to snap…resulting in an awkward ambulance experience and a whole lot of pain.

Since then, Ross has written a comedic book about the whole ordeal aptly titled ‘The Broken Banana’ to explain to just how something like this happens and how he managed to recover from it.

Watch the video above of Ross explaining all, with NO details left out, in the video above. And let us just say guys, if you think that your biggest concern with sex is whether or not you’ll be able to get it up or how long you can last, you are greatly, GREATLY mistaken!

Oh and be warned, when Ross describes the SOUND that his peen made when it broke, you will literally get shivers down your spine!!

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