In one of the sweetest moments that we’ve seen all year caught on camera, The Voice coach and hit Aussie singer paid a visit to a local Sydney primary school to surprise some very unsuspecting kids.

Guy had heard that the school choir at St Joan of Arc Catholic Primary School in Haberfield had been practicing very hard to learn his recent song, aptly titled ‘Choir’.

So he decided to surprise them with a special visit mid-rehearsal! And boy oh boy were the kids in awe!

Just as the kids were getting to the chorus of the hit song, Guy snuck his way into the school auditorium and began singing along with them.

The look on the kids’ faces truly says it all and we dare you to try and watch this without getting a massive smile on your own dial!

“To see them singing ‘Choir’ was really very emotional and touching, so I’m glad I got to join in and surprise them,” Guy said about the experience.

As if that wasn’t incredibly special enough, Guy also performed his brand new song ‘Standing With You’ for them, making this his first live performance of the song ever!


This was special not just for the kids but also for Guy, who hadn’t had the chance to perform live since COVID-19 restrictions were put in place.

“It’s really cool that the first time we sang ‘Standing With You’ in public was in front of kids. It was also the first time I’ve sung a song live in front of people since COVID, so it was really special that it was at a small school with such talent & heart at the St Joan Of Arc Catholic Primary School in Haberfield,” Guy added. 

“It was really moving to see kids so emotional and it was a very special moment for me.”

What an incredible moment and a truly memorable experience for these mini-Guy Sebastian super fans! The school’s principal, Desmond Fox, said that this will be a day that will be talked about at the school for years to come.

“[This] will long be remembered at St Joan of Arc, Haberfield, as “The day we welcomed a new GUY to our school,” Mr Fox said. “The surprise as he entered soon turned to elation and excitement when we all realised that the Guy singing with our Choir was THE Guy actually singing his own song ‘Choir’.”

Amazing how an out of the ordinary experience can help put some normal back into our children’s lives!” he added. 


Check out the beautiful video for yourself above!

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