Let’s just start out by saying you might want to take a big, deep breath before reading through the rest of this article, because if you’re a normal person or at least a decent human being, we promise you that it’ll get you fired up.

Okay ready to get into it?

By now you should know that Kyle and Jackie O take on a number of professions in their line of work; full time radio hosts, part time amateur therapists. Basically because they’re constantly being asked for advice from our listeners.

And so the guys are usually ready to hand out pieces of wisdom at any given moment when a caller asks a question. But we certainly weren’t ready when we received a call earlier today asking for some specific relationship advice. How to get away with cheating.

Yep we told you it was going to make you mad. But trust us, it only gets worse from here.


Jeremy is the bloke behind the call. He told us that he had been cheating on his current girlfriend for a little while and he already had some precautions in place to make sure his secret dalliance remained a secret. But he wanted to get our advice on other tips and steps he can take to make sure he would remain in the clear.

This is how the lovely fellow explained his sitch to us: “Yeah, I’ve just been cheating on my Mrs, and um, I just want some advice on how I can keep doing it.”

Jeremy, who’s real name wasn’t actually Jeremy (he didn’t divulge his name for obvious reasons), then went on to give us more insight into his personal life.

He’s in his 20s, has been dating his “mrs” for four years, would describe himself as “not a bad looking bloke”, feels like it’s only natural for him to cheat because of his “animal” instincts. Oh and he also has two kids.

Okay we can’t explain this anymore without smoke bursting out of our ears…Give the video above a watch if you want to know more about charming Jeremy’s situation.

Now moving on to the reason for his call. Jeremy wanted advice. Kyle and Jackie opened the question up to our callers to get their opinion on the situation.


We expected a huge influx of people calling up to yell at Jeremy and call him a variety of names, and granted we got a few. But we actually ended up getting an influx of people calling through with a ton of advice for Jeremy based on, *insert major eye roll*, their own personal experiences.

Listeners Give Their Cheating Tips To Jeremy

Yep we basically just found out that a whole blooming ton of our listeners cheat on their partners or have done in the past!


So yeah that was our day…We’ve basically lost all hope in love and romance. But enough about us, how was your day?

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