Mondays usually give people a bit of the blue’s and so to get everyone hyped up for the week ahead Kyle and Jackie O decided to put on one of their favourite segments, Gutter Politics with Sam Dastyari. Because who doesn’t love a dish of piping hot political gossip to start their week?

And really what better day to do it than the day that Malcolm celebrated his ‘Dirty 30’ (which is basically what politicians call losing 30 NewsPolls in a row).

And of course, as everyone’s talking about Malcolm losing out as preferred Prime Minister once again, Sam Dastyari came in with some deep, dark secrets about our PM’s past to help stir the pot.

According to Sam, Malcolm used to write articles in a journal and in one of them, he actually defended stripping as a profession.

“The union recorder was another paper that Sydney University used to produce back in the day and Malcolm used to write a few things for it,” explained Sam. “In 1974 a 19 year old Malcolm Turnbull…decided to participate in a debate on the question of whether stripping degrades women.”

And well according to Sam, Malcolm was actually “defending strippers” in his article. The proof? Sam tracked down copies of the article from Sydney University’s library, and read quotes from it live on air.

“Mr Turnbull said it was ‘high time people forgot this rubbish about stripping being degrading. Thos who strip or haunt the fork for money…are no more degraded than baristas’,” said Sam.


He continued to read the quote saying, “‘The degraded people were the wowsers who moaned about sexual exploitation…As for male stripping the problem arises of adding extra plonk to the music, since all of the male cannot guaranteed to stop at once.”

Amongst this article allegedly written by the PM years ago, Sam also stated that Malcolm was the one who negotiated for Playboy Australia to be made. And the funny part? That Malcolm says that he can’t remember if he’s ever actually been to a strip club or not.

“This is a guy who back when he was 19 was out there openly defending stripping, and good on him…at 2 negotiated Playboy to come to Australia,” began Sam. “And then more recently claimed…they asked him ‘have you even been to a strip club’. Do you know what he said? ‘I don’t recall’.”

And well, Sam, Kyle and even Jackie all called BS on that answer. After all if he hadn’t been to one, why not just say so!

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