The last time that Sam Dastyari came on the show with Kyle and Jackie O for his Gutter Politics segment, Kyle gave Sam a task to find out as much information as he could about the more risqué sides of parliament.

In Kyle’s words, he wanted to know about “drugs and prostitutes”.

And well, when Sam jumped into the studio this morning smiling and giggling with glee we all knew that he was about to deliver.

Mr Dastyari said he knew that he would need to dig deep if he wanted to uncover secrets about this subject for Kyle and so he did some investigative work around Canberra.

“There are eleven brothels within a seven kilometre radius of parliament house, “ said Mr Dastyari. “I rang them all, and four of the eleven got back to me.


“And so now I’m going to do the Kyle and Jackie O top five lessons you learn from speaking to brothel owners in Canberra.”

And well, let’s just say that Sam’s lesson was quite the eye-opener into what some Parliamentarians might get up to behind closed doors. Even Kyle and Jackie were shocked from his findings!

Find out exactly what Sam learned from speaking to the madams and pimps from brothels in Canberra in the video above!

Just a hint: All four of the brothels have had a politician walk through their doors in the past year!! So if anyone’s going to have the juicy information to dish to Mr Dastyari, it’s them!

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