If you love yourself some hunky Scottish man, no doubt you have an appreciation for Gerard Butler.

Big, strong, and more than a little mischievous, he’s many women’s dream guy – and I have to say I agree. Well, according to reports, Butler and his girlfriend Megan Brown have split.

According to a report on Page Six, the 46-year-old is finding it hard to balance a relationship with all the female attention he receives.

A source told the publication: ‘Girls throw themselves at him. It’s hard for him to constantly say, “No. Get away from me. I have a girlfriend.”‘


Many say signs of trouble first started when Butler was photographed openly checking out women in September, as he was spotted enjoying a drink outside The Queen’s Pub in Primrose Hill in London.

Butler and Brown started dating in May 2014 after splitting from his previous partner, 27-year-old model Madalina Ghenea the year before. While we mourn the break-up, we also quietly celebrate.

There’s hope for YOU yet!

Source: Daily Mail

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