Perhaps for too long the more intricate science of sex toys has been focused on women. Two words: The Rabbit. Now, a sex toy for men is pulling out all the stops. Welcome to the Fleshlight 3Fap… Invented by Brian Sloan of Letsgasm, the sex toy being funded by crowdfunding site, Indiegogo, is named after the onomatopoeic representation of male masturbation. So, like, the sound…

The device is a ‘three-in-one sex toy for men’ – a vagina, a mouth and an anus. We can’t tell yet if we find this genius or horrifying. It kind of looks like a defibrillator or water dispenser, and definitely looks like a super-involved way for men to get off.

It not only has three ‘openings’ but each one has a different texture every time one ‘faps’ and includes suction abilities. The ‘mouth’ even has a zig-zag pattern.

See this for yourself… It has a JINGLE!

Source: Bustle

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